Ratchets tools life test

Objective :

Implementing a testing station to monitor ratchet keys, according to the current regulation ISO 3315:2011.

The system allows:

  • The setting of the couple to be used.

  • The setting of all the cinematic parameters to define the required number of cycles per minute.

  • The setting of the number of the cycles required, with automatic stop once reached the set desired.

  • Automatic stop in case of tool malfunction or extra control torque. The equipment records all the cycles performed along with the parameters applied even in case of loss of voltage.

  • The management of all the statistics, such as the max/min applied torque value, mean value, the number of values set during the test falling outside the tolerance +/- %.

  • The real-time showing of the trend torque/time and angle/time.

  • The manual Jog function to periodically verify the measure accuracy of the couple through certified indicator dynamometric keys.

  • The possible management of the test parameters filing to easily recall them in case of test on tools with already assigned parameters.

  • The performing of tool breakage tests.

  • The setting of the torque sensors change, with different options to increase the system accuracy.

The system is equipped with a Direct-Drive engine and was created without any mechanical adapter, thus allowing:

  • The elimination of the clearance and the mechanical friction due to wearout of the rotating parts.

  • The direct coupling of the torque sensor with the engine rotor and to the tool, eliminating any overshoot and allowing the direct control of the application cinematic. Consequently, the repeatability performance and the holding of the cycles per minute number are essentially independent from the overall current machines for the various models of ratchet keys.

  • The angular recovery with accuracy below 0,1°.

Ratchets tools life test