Objective :

To create a data collecting system to define the efficiency of capacitors for refrigerating sets to print a final test summing up the checking reports.

Based on the customer’s final request, our project pursues the following objectives:

  • Recording on file of the collected data.

  • Real-time trends data visualization.

  • Automatic processing of the mathematical formulas required.

  • Final reports fully customizable.

  • Uncertainty temperature values +/- 0,05 °C, and validation of the measuring chain using a re-entrant test (Accredia certification).

Key points of the work:

  • Design and Hw configuration for data capturing.

  • Sw design.

  • Sw structure through Callendar-Van Dusen’s formula to check periodically the system accuracy.

  • Use of TDM files ( National Instruments) for data saving.

  • Use of Excel templates, with variable tags, for the automatic printing of the certificates.

  • Functional testing of the system.