washing machine test system

Objective :

To collect data concerning temperature, pressure, energy consumption, air velocity, rotational mechanical groups velocity, vibrational analysis to define energy consumption class, critical points and efficiency parameters of the tested devices.

This product is addressed to all the washing machines manufacturers, to support them through all the necessary steps in the creation and design of a product.

It can also be extended to other product typologies.

Every testing place can :

  • Record the temperatures (thermocouples, PT100, etc…)

  • Record electrical data: voltage, current, cos-phi, active power, consumption.

  • Record pressure data, air velocity, etc…..

  • Set the power supply of the testing place, with a voltage range between 0-290Vac.

  • Supply the products with different frequencies (50/60Hz).

  • The recording devices can link to various transducer typologies and the system is delivered with all the accessory equipment.

Devices such as switchboards can be installed near the testing chambers while the PC used for monitoring the activity can be put everywhere in the laboratory or, as an alternative, in a separate location to allow the remote control of all the processes.

All the data recorded are saved on files that can be imported in Excel and freely editable for following mathematical analysis.

Besides setting all the testing parameters, the software also allows to edit the tests performed based on the customer’s demand, even on already used templates.

Generally speaking, the system management software can be customized according to the specs required.

washing machine test system