torque wrenches test

Objective :

Implementation of equipment allowing the test of dynamometric tools to obtain a certificate according to the DIN EN ISO 6789 law.

The project was developed both for End of Line Systems (optimized to obtain maximum productivity) and laboratory workbenches to perform tests on prototypes and traceability certificates ACCREDIA / COFRAC.

A Database can optimize the tool data management and the summing up of certificates and measures adopted, centralizing the test data which can be recovered through Ethernet LAN from the different production benches.

The velocity of the couple is controlled by brushless precision motors, allowing the respect of the limits of the related regulations; the couple is measured through class 1 torque sensors (we can also reuse torque sensors already in possession of the customer). 

The production benches can be accessorized on demand with automatic rotation systems of the key’s control knob, thus considerably increasing the systems’ productivity.

The laboratory benches facilitate the precise replacement in the time of the key (being accessorized with 4 moving axis) and allowing the application of the couple both in axial and lever mode. 

The software allows the drawing of certificates according to ISO-6789 regulations or intended for repeatable tests measuring precision and key adjustment. The software can also manage sequences for the after-selling repair service and can be customized following the customer’s specific requirements.A dedicated software section allows the calibration of the measuring chain.

torque wrenches test