Our activity voluntarily opted for the adoption of the ISO9001:2008 System as the most suitable means to guarantee the regular achievement of the quality levels demanded by the customer and by us.

The company goals and objectives are:

• Providing products entirely fulfilling the contractual requirements and the customer’s needs both in functionality and reliability.

• Respecting the product delivery commitments and providing a prompt and effective service.

• Containing the costs, according to the price of labour and materials.

• Designing, implementing and constantly improving a Quality System complying with the UNI  ISO 9001:2015 rule.

• Identifying, qualifying and involving vendors and suppliers in order to establish a relationship of mutual collaboration and confidence. This will allow us to reach the requirements and standards expected, as well as the delivery terms planned.

• Setting a deep connection with the customer to ease the gathering of information concerning the product and consequently improve it.

• Encourage and support the respect of the quality throughout the company by holding training courses aimed at inciting proactive participation in problem solving activities and improvement projects.

• Identifying objectives, quality standards, and verifying the progress degree.