Company profile

CA.GI SAS di Cadario Marco & C. Hardware & Software

The CA.GI. company was founded in 1985. Since then, it has been committed in the planning and achievement of modern and technological solutions aimed at the fulfilment of its customers’ requirements both on a productive and qualitative level.

Our products are also addressed to those looking for custom-type applications. For this reason, we take in particular consideration the customer care aspect throughout all the product development and construction steps.

Some samples of some of our main activities:

  • 3D Mechanical equipment design.
  • Electrical diagrams design.
  • Automation software design (Plc, PC, HMI).
  • Switchboards construction.
  • Manufacturing machines update according to current regulations.
  • Assembly and testing of our products in our offices.
  • Possible business trips in foreign countries.
Company profile