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Sarkeesian’s mystical pregnancy theory is kind of a sub-subcontext that is probably mostly unexplored by writers and most viewers. It is present and definitely important, however. Though perhaps in some more completely realized characters like Starbuck, loss of bodily autonomy might also be a significant horror. The suction scene, in particular, always struck me as a metaphor for abortion, though I haven’t seen much written about it as that.

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  • You do want to know how deep the rabbit hole goes, don’t you?
  • Even as a small child i knew i wanted to grow up and be a mommy.
  • She doesn’t notice you at first, you are spying on her.
  • It usually depends, but lately i have been thinking about a family.

I then have you switch positions and I climb on top, I want to be in full control as I ride your until you explode and coat my walls with the cum. It then picks up a few weeks later, briefly, I come In and can’t wait to share the amazing news with you, a cute little blue dress, I hug my little belly bump, and tell you I am pregnant! Yes, you and I are going to parents, my son is the father of my baby, it worked! And oh my two couples that had taboo sex are also pregnant too ! I am teasing and flirting with our next door neighbor, you see me flash my tits, and talk about meeting up again later this evening when my ‘son’ is in bed. You are in shock I am cheating on your father, but as you continue to watch you feel a hard on coming on.

Tia Plans An Impregnation Pt 01

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I never questioned the veracity of your story for a moment. Pornhub provides you with unlimited free porn videos with the hottest adult performers. It usually depends, but lately i have been thinking about a family. So when i see a beautiful girl or have a girlfriend i do secretly hope that her birth control fails so i can see her beautiful waist line grow. I have always believed pregnancy was beautiful but more reciently want to experience it with a girl. I’m currently writing my PhD thesis on gynohorror in film .

Like most guys, he had a perpetual hard on that was rising at the most inopportune of times. Then the fight had started and we had been split up by the time we woke up the next morning. My dad had managed to move a little farther into the center of the bed and was still snoring quite loudly. Still a little buzzed, I giggled listening to his deep nasally breaths. I had never known that he snored and wondered if this was something related to his drinking or aging.

I thought of an idea a few days later and started to put it in motion. These kinds of high-production impregnation-themed videos are great for the fertile-fucking genre! A simple storyline of a baby-crazy girl coaxing a guy to knock her up, with high-res cinematography and hardcore fucking to convey all that breeding action.

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She tells you that you’re her #1 one man and reminds you that it’s just been you and her since your parents abandoned you both. She senses that something is bothering you and she asks you what’s wrong. You look away and she pulls you back and decides to give you special kisses on the lips, very passionately so that you might relax and tell her what’s wrong.

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